3 Things You Should Know About the Probate Process in Florida

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When someone passes away, their assets and debts are distributed through a court-supervised process called probate. The probate attorney at Ryan S. Ratner, P.A. has extensive experience walking Boca Raton, FL area residents through this process.

Will you be settling your loved one’s affairs? Be aware that…

  • You must notify trust beneficiaries as part of your trust administration duties.
  • You must probate assets that aren’t in a living trust, co-owned by another person or in the name of a beneficiary.
  • You could risk legal trouble by using your loved one’s car before it has been transferred to the beneficiary.

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It's easy to feel overwhelmed by estate and trust administration duties. Many Boca Raton, FL residents turn to a probate attorney for peace of mind. We have over 27 years of experience, so you can trust us with your legal matter.

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